Dependable (adj.)
    (i) worthy of reliance or trust;
    (ii) consistent in performance or behavior;

Welcome to the home page of the Dependable Systems Research Group (DSRG) in the Computer Science Division of the School of Computing at Clemson University. Our research, education, and outreach activities span four main tracks. The first is focused on adapting and extending traditional software engineering techniques and tools to the emerging domain of embedded network systems. The second is focused on the development of new in situ sensing platforms and support libraries for low-power, low-cost, long-lived networks. The third is focused on the development of formal foundations and supporting tools for design patterns and pattern-based systems. The fourth is focused on integrating analytical reasoning principles across the undergraduate computing curriculum using computer-aided tools and collaborative learning exercises.

The DSRG is part of the larger Software Engineering and Programming Languages group, involving professors Harold Grossman, Jason Hallstrom, Brian Malloy, John McGregor, Murali Sitaraman, and Steve Stevenson. The DSRG is also a principal contributor to the Clemson University Intelligent River™ program. We encourage you to explore this exciting multidisciplinary effort.

The research activities of the Dependable Systems Research Group are currently supported by the National Science Foundation (CNS-074584, DUE-0633506), the EPA (through SC DHEC and the City of Aiken), and Clemson University Public Service Activities. We gratefully acknowledge these agencies for their support.


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